Kremlin tour + The Armory Chamber

  • Duration: 3h.
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Kremlin tour

Visit the must-see Moscow Kremlin – a fortress in the center of Moscow, once the residence of Tsars and the communist leaders, and now the office of the Russian President. It’s the most beautiful castle in our country and a living textbook of Russian history.
During the excursion you will explore the most significant and interesting landmarks located on the territory of Moscow Kremlin, such as: the famous ancient Cathedral Square (dated to 11-14th century, Cathedral of the Annunciation (it was the home church of Moscow tsars), Assumption Cathedral (where different ceremonies were held and tsars and emperors were crowned), St. Archangel Cathedral (a burial place of great princes and Russian tsars, Church of the Deposition of the Robe, The Patriarch’s Chambers, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the world – famous Tsar Canon and Tsar Bell, the Senate Square, The Great Kremlin Palace (used to be a residence of Russian tsars and emperors).

The Armory Chamber

The Armory Chamber is a very special museum located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. It serves as a treasure house of Russia and contains over four thousand precious items. Most of these items were presented to the Russian Tsars and Emperors by overseas ambassadors who sought to improve diplomatic relations and to appease Russia on various occasions.

The collections of the Armory Chamber preserve the state regalia of Russia.

The Museum also contains unique collections of Russian ceremonial and coronation dresses, and vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church top hierarchs. A rare collection of medieval weaponry is also on display. All items belonged to the Russian Tsars and Great Princes, and were either produced by Russian masters or given to the Russian Crown as diplomatic gifts. A colorful collection of the state carriages is located in one of the halls of the museum. Other exhibits include ceremonial horse harnesses, precious textiles, and ornamental embroidery.

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